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Sophia is a great listener, calm and very professional. In my session with Sophia, I had a wonderful experience. I felt listened to and my need was addressed. She helped me identify myself and offered the help I needed. She is a very trusted person. I recommend her as an outstanding professional coach.  

sanjeev kashiara

I am very happy and grateful to have had Sophia coaching me in my life. Sophia has coached me in overcoming many fears and finding the creativity in myself through her fantastic coaching and mentoring techniques. She knows how to listen effectively to get the best out of her clients and to gain trust and loyalty. I would recommend Sophia as a coach as together she helped me turn my fear into strength and I now believe in myself and what I can achieve.

enache zARAFU

1 coaching session but deep. 1 session made a difference. 1 thing that I realised is she gives you space (a rare woman quality). I had space to be and to express and it was a strange feeling at the beginning but nice afterwards. The questions, digging questions, were not to find a mistake but to find a solution and I felt her as a support, a great support with a lot of patience. I had enough space and time to find myself. I did not trust her but strangely she trusted me so I could trust her afterwards. What will you take from this coaching session? I said you, Real Treasure.  


I have had the pleasure of working with Sophia. Her approach was kind, calm and professional. She always asked the right questions to get my mind thinking of the real issue. I felt like she genuinely cared about how I was feeling, which made me feel more comfortable with sharing my thoughts with her. I would highly recommend Sophia as a coach. 

sean bailey

I have worked with Sophia on several occasions, she is extremely professional and very effective within her work. She puts you at complete ease with her approach which creates a very safe environment which is very important to me. I would highly recommend her coaching. Great work!

s.p (lONDON)

I had a fantastic session with Sophia as I was struggling to find peace with my husband who I am now separated from. I was anxious about some situations which left me in limbo. Sophia was really friendly and warm and really homed in on the root cause of my issue. She used a great approach so I could gain a solution to my problem. I have come away from the session with clarity and focus. Thank you so much Sophia. 


Sophia is a lovely, kind hearted and supportive person. Very professional and a great listener. I have enjoyed my coaching sessions, I've gained a lot of insight, confidence and self love. Sophia has a wide range of tools that I have found helpful, especially the emotional anchoring. I feel I can move forward with my life and let go of the past. Feeling more hopeful and optimistic about my future. Thanks Sophia, you're great.    

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