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Passionate About Empowering      Others Through Nurturing Relationships, Breakup Recovery & Life's Challenges

I am Sophia Montagna and I am a transformed Relationship & Breakup Recovery Coach.

I am an internationally certified coach and a member of the Association of Professional Coaching. I am also an NLP Practitioner with certifications in Hypnosis and Timeline Coaching and a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Breakup Recovery Coaching

I specialise in bringing mindfulness and empowerment to clients who have experienced a breakup which has left them with the intense feeling of pain, upset, loss, loneliness and the everyday rollercoaster of emotions. I can help you to move past the pain and heartbreak and to remove any blockages that may be standing in your way of a better and happier life.

Breakups…we have all been there and it can truly knock us down however it is at this exact moment in time that you can truly find yourself again. I will help you to be comfortable in your own company, to explore and do all the things you would love to do, to feel confident in who and what you are, to build your self esteem again and ultimately to love yourself.

Relationship Coaching

I also specialise in providing clients with clarity, conflict resolution skills and other tools and techniques to support them when experiencing blocks or challenges within their relationship and/or marriage.


We all experience relationship problems at some point in our lives and we may or may not be ready or prepared to manage them in the best way. Relationships require constant nurturing just like a plant requires water to stay alive and healthy. I can help you to overcome your relationship problems through greater understanding and awareness of yours and your partners thoughts and feelings. I will support you by providing you with important skills that will allow for greater learning, nurturing, understanding and to deepen bonds, intimacy and passion for one another. 

Life Coaching

In addition to my specialism, I also offer coaching in other areas of life, with a background in Career and Professional Development where I have over 10 years experience. Being a Mental Health First Aider, I can also bring mindfulness and inspiration to road blocks that you may be experiencing within your life.    

My Story

I have had first hand experience of a breakup and divorce after a 13-year relationship. I have used my experience to grow into the best version of me, to love myself, to have confidence that radiates and most importantly I stepped out of my comfort zone to be a stronger woman.

I faced fear in the eye and I took my life out of the cocoon I was in, the caterpillar that went along with life and I am proud to have used the experience to transform myself into a butterfly and to fly to places I never thought I could.

It takes strength, courage, determination and a passion to heal up from a break up.

Are you ready to start that incredible journey with me as you climb that mountain…..a climb that leads to a view worth seeing? One of a glowing, confident and powerful new you?

Hold on tight, buckle up, it will be the journey of a lifetime!   


Book your complimentary discovery session today!   

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